About Us

The Delmarva Multi-regional Society is sound and successful because of the strong foundation laid by the original trailblazing team of the following SGNA members:

Linda Holmes Chesapeake Gail DeCosta Old Dominion Karen Chatham Delaware
Chris O’Keefe Chesapeake Sharon Everette Old Dominion Mary Ann Smith Delaware
Jane Alaire Chesapeake


1998 marked the year that our founding leaders first met to collaborate the formation of a multi-regional SGNA partnership which they eventually named “Delmarva” because it included each region’s state in the name. The prime mover of this initial meeting of the minds is the common pursuit of producing an exceptional educational / networking event that is not cost-prohibitive, therefore more accessible to GI Nurses and Associates in the Delmarva Peninsula, who were seeking to enhance their profession and further their education.

The first meeting took place in the Endoscopy Department of the Bethesda Naval Hospital, Maryland.  “Bridging the Chesapeake” was chosen as the recurring theme of this educational event that will be held in the spring of each year. The rotation of host regions was also decided.  A bank account was established with upfront money of $500 from each regional. The collective $1500 was to remain in the account after profit disbursement for the next year.

Cindy Taylor from Old Dominion SGNA, who joined a year later, functioned as the committee’s secretary for over 10 years. Current program committee member Karen Bell, from Delaware SGNA, took over as Treasurer from founding member, Chris O’Keefe, and held this position for a long period of time.

The first ever Delmarva Multi-regional SGNA Education Conference, held in Richmond, VA in the spring of 1999, surpassed all expectations and set the stage for a long lasting relationship which the current planning committee still enjoys.  This inaugural event, hosted by Old Dominion, was very well attended by all the regions. The faculty consisted of distinguished national and local experts in the field of gastroenterology. An exhibit showcasing applications and technology of products and material relative to the gastroenterology practice was highly supported by vendors in the region.

Through the years, planning committee members have come and gone, policies have been updated, conference templates have been tweaked, and individual region’s roles have been better defined & delineated but it is through the dedicated efforts and hard work of the team that Delmarva SGNA continue to produce a premiere educational event that has been recognized as one of the best regional SGNA courses in the country.

The Delmarva SGNA website was launched in the fall of 2012 with the sole purpose of sharing information about our annual spring education conference to everyone, near and far.

Year Host Region Location
1999 Old Dominion Richmond, VA
2000 Delaware Ocean City, MD
2001 Chesapeake Baltimore, MD
2002 Old Dominion Williamsburg,   VA
2003 Delaware Wilmington, DE
2004 Chesapeake Crystal City,   VA
2005 Old Dominion Virginia Beach,   VA
2006 Delaware Cambridge, MD
2007 Old Dominion Richmond, VA
2008 Chesapeake Chantilly, VA
2009 Delaware Dover, DE
2010 Old Dominion Charlottesville,   VA
2011 Chesapeake Reston, VA
2012 Delaware Wilmington, DE
2013 Old Dominion Virginia Beach,   VA
2014 Chesapeake Annapolis, MD
2015 Delaware Ocean City, MD
2016 Old Dominion Newport News,   VA
2017 Chesapeake Fairfax, VA
2018 Delaware Ocean City, MD